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Výstupy postdoků PII.

Lékařská fakulta

Martin Čulen

  • BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutational analysis of CD34+ stem/progenitor cells in newly diagnosed CML patients by next-generation sequencing
  • Development of In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation/Relationship Modeling Approaches for Immediate Release Formulations Using Compartmental Dynamic Dissolution Data from ‘‘Golem’’: A Novel Apparatus
  • Engraftment of acute and chronic myeloid leukemia in NOD scid gamma mice
  • Incorporation of humanized niche as a strategy for improving leukemic engraftment in immunodeficient mice
  • Distribution of mutations in DNMT3A gene and the suitability of mutations in R882 codon for MRD monitoring in patients with AML
  • Limited efficacy of HLA-haploidentical peripheral blood stem cell infusion in treatment of elderly patients with acute myelogenous leukaemia
  • CML patients show different CD26 stem cell expression profiles

Zuzana Koledová

  • A 3D fibroblast-epithelium co-culture model for understanding microenvironmental role in epithelial branching morphogenesis
  • SPRY1 Regulates Mammary Epithelial Morphogenesis by Modulating EGFR-dependent Paracrine Signaling and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling

Jarmila Mlčoušková

  • RECQ4 selectively recognizes Holliday junctions

Fakulta sociálních studií

Hana Macháčková

  • Brief report: The bystander effect in cyberbullying incidents
  • Bystanders’ responses to offline bullying and cyberbullying: The role of empathy and normative beliefs about aggression
  • Cyberbullying in Europe: A Review of Evidence from Cross-National Data

 Tomotaka Umemura

  • Nonmaternal care hours and temperament predict infants’ proximity-seeking behavior and attachment subgroups
  • Is Emerging Adults’ Attachment Preference for the Romantic Partner Transferred From Their Attachment Preferences for Their Mother, Father and Friends?
  • Very extensive nonmaternal care predicts mother–infant attachment disorganization: Convergent evidence from two samples
  • Coparenting problems with toddlers predict children’s symptoms of psychological problems at age 7
  • Marital Quality over the Transition to Parenthood as a Predictor of Coparenting
  • Changes in late adolescents’ voting intentions during the election campaign: Disentangling the effects of political communication with parents, peers and media
  • Different developmental pathways from parental warmth to adolescents´ trust in peers and politicians: Mediating roles of adolescent-parent attachment and belief in a just world
  • Parents-daughter relationship and disordered eating: a cross-sectional study with emerging adult women from the Czech Republic
  • Longitudinal Changes in Emerging Adults’ Attachment Preferences for their Mother, Father, Friends, and Romantic Partner: Focusing on the Start and End of Romantic Relationships
  • Worrying weights on your partner’s heart: Exploring how ruminating about a romantic relationship is associated with relational uncertainty using dyadic data
  • Fresh and open? Changes in first-time voters’ political trust during an election year
  • Marital conflict and parental responses to infant negative emotions: Relations with toddler emotional regulation
  • Reviewing Japanese Concepts of Amae and Ie to Deeper Understand the Relevance of Secure-Base Behavior in the Context of Japanese Caregiver-Child Interactions

Michelle Wright

  • Classification of online problematic situations in the context of youths’ development
  • Cyber aggression within adolescents’ romantic relationships:  Linkages to parental and partner attachment
  • Predictors of anonymous cyber aggression: The role of  adolescents’ beliefs about anonymity, aggression, and the permanency of electronic content
  • Cyberbullying: Bullying Gone Digital
  • School and peer contexts of bullying
  • The impact of digital media on health: children’s perspectives
  • Cyber Victimization and Perceived Stress: Linkages to Late Adolescents Cyber Aggression and Psychological Functioning
  • The meaning of online problematic situations for children. Results of qualitative cross-cultural investigation in nine European countries
  • Peer Attachment and Cyber Aggression Involvement among Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Adolescents
  • Indian adolescents’ cyber aggression involvement and cultural values: The moderation of peer attachment
  • Online Identity Construction
  • Bullying among Adolescents in Residential Programs and in Public School: The Role of Individual and Contextual Predictors
  • Friends and Console-Gaming Aggression: The Role of Friendship Quality, Anger, and Revenge Planning
  • School Bullying and Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • School Violence among Children and Adolescents in Rural Communities
  • Victimized Children’s Adjustment Difficulties: The Role of Parenting Styles and Parents’ Childhood Victimization Status

Filozofická fakulta

Tereza Dědinová

Čeněk Šašinka

  • Experimentální zkoumání kognitivních procesů pomocí původního webového nástroje MuTeP: zkoumání práce na mapách v kontextu osobnosti uživatele
  • Vybrané kognitivní aspekty vizualizace polohové nejistoty v geografických datech
  • Metodologické výzvy v oblasti kognitivní kartografie

Louis Wei-lun Lu

  • Contextualization and Blending: A Cognitive Linguistics approach to  the semantics of in
  • Metaphor, conceptual archetypes and subjectification: The case of COMPLETION IS UP and the polysemy of shang in Chinese
  • A Cognitive Linguistic approach to teaching Chinese spatial particles: From contrastive constructional analysis to material design
  • Use of translation corpora as a new method in Chinese language research and its pedagogical implications: The case of viewpoint in narratives
  • Shifting viewpoints: How does that actually work across languages? An exercise in parallel text analysis
  • Hans C. Boas (eds.). 2010. Contrastive Studies in Construction Grammar
  • Andrew Goatly, The Language of Metaphors (2nd ed)
  • A Cognitive Grammar Approach to Rhetoric: Schemas and Categories in I Have a Dream
  • A Cognitive Rhetoric Approach to National Identity: The Case of Taiwan (the ROC)
  • Conceptual autonymy and dependence in Chinese lexical semantic analysis: The role of image-schema, conceptual domains and co-text in [V]–[SHANG]
  • Language Ostracism in Inter-cultural Communication: A Qualitative Case Study on Code Divergence
  • Polysemy and the Semantic-pragmatic interface: The Case of Up in a Context-based Model
  • Influence of Graphic Design of Cartographic Symbols on Perception Structure

Filozofická fakulta + Přírodovědecká fakulta

Čeněk Šašinka (FF) + Zbyněk Štěrba (PřF)

  • Selected Issues of Experimental Testing in Cartography
  • Influence of Colour on the Perception of  Cartographic Visualizations
  • Human-computer Interaction in Real 3D and Pseudo-3D Cartographic Visualization: A Comparative Study
  • Cartographic design and usability of visual variables for linear features
  • Vliv formy 3D zobrazení geografické informace na její kognitivní zpracování
  • Mixed Research Design in Cartography: A Combination of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
  • Evaluating Cartographic Visualizations Using Blank  Maps And From the Perspective of the Individual Differences: A Pilot Study
  • Research on Usability Testing and Cognitive Issues of Cartographic  Visualizations in the Context of Different Groups of Users
  • Usability testing of cartographic visualizations: principles and research methods
  • Empirical Evaluation of Cartographic Visualizations Using Blank Maps: A Pilot Study
  • Influence of cartographic visualization methods on cognitive processing: comparison of extrinsic and intrinsic visualization of avalanche hazard maps
  • Influence of Graphic Design of Cartographic Symbols on Perception Structure
  • MuTeP – alternativní nástroj pro testování kartografických vizualizací a sběr dat

Přírodovědecká fakulta

Koen Beerens

  • Site-Specific Analysis of Protein Hydration Based on Unnatural Amino Acid Fluorescence
  • FireProt: Energy- and evolution-based computational design of thermostable multiple-point mutants
  • Evolutionary stabilization of haloalkane dehalogenase DhaA is an entropy-driven event
  • Analysis of Reheated Runs in Calorimetry Data for Modeling of Protein Unfolding

Jan Brezovský

  • Fructose 1-Phosphate is the One and Only Physiological Effector of the Cra (FruR) regulator of Pseudomonas putida
  • Site-specific Analysis of Protein Hydration Based on Unnatural Amino Acid Fluorescence
  • Mechanism-Based Discovery of Novel Substrates of Haloalkane Dehalogenases using in Silico Screening
  • Balancing the Stability-Activity Trade-off by Fine-Tuning Dehalogenase Access Tunnels
  • Maximizing the Efficiency of Multienzyme Process by Stoichiometry Optimization
  • FireProt: Energy- and Evolution-Based Computational Design of Thermostable Multiple-Point Mutants
  • Dynamics and hydration explain failed functional transformation in dehalogenase design
  • Computational Tools for Designing and Engineering Enzymes
  • Computer-Assisted Engineering of the Synthetic Pathway for Biodegradation of a Toxic Persistent Pollutant
  • PredictSNP: Robust and Accurate Consensus Classifier for Prediction of Disease-Related Mutations
  • Role of Tunnels and Gates in Enzymatic Catalysis, In. Svendsen, A. (Ed.), Understanding Enzymes: Function, Design, Engineering and Analysis

Benoit Carbain

  • Solid-Phase Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydroquinoxalin-2(1H)-ones via the Cyclative Cleavage of N-Arylated Carboxamides

Borja Jimenez-Alfaro Gonzalez

  • Mountain biodiversity patterns in Southern Europe and North Africa
  • A local dormancy cline is related to the seed maturation environment, population genetic composition and climate
  • Biogeographic deconstruction of alpine plant communities along altitudinal and topographic gradients
  • Biogeographic patterns of base-rich fen vegetation across Europe
  • The number of vegetation types in European countries: major determinants and extrapolation to other regions
  • Environmental niche and distribution of six deciduous tree species in the Spanish Atlantic region
  • Decline of dry grassland specialists in Mediterranean high-mountain communities influenced by recent climate warming
  • Phenotypic plasticity in seed germination relates differentially to overwintering and flowering temperatures
  • Regional metacommunities in two coastal systems: spatial structure and drivers of plant assemblages
  • Alpine plant communities in the Picos de Europa calcareous massif (Northern Spain)
  • Drivers of herb-layer species diversity in two unmanaged temperate forests in northern Spain
  • Disentangling vegetation diversity from climate-energy and habitat heterogeneity for explaining animal geographic patterns
  • Modelling broad-scale distributions of plant community types from high-resolution data
  • Seed germination traits can contribute better to plant community ecology
  • Genetic Data suggest upcoming extinctions of glacial relict populations of Salix hastata and Juncus balticus in the Iberian mountains

Rafal Józef Kania

  • Spectroscopic Properties of Benzene at the Air–Ice Interface: A Combined Experimental–Computational Approach

Shubhangi Kaushik

Petr Kukučka

  • Investigating the temporal trends in PAH, PCB and OCP concentrations in Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa, using semipermeable membrane devices (SPMDs)
  • Differences in spatiotemporal variations of atmospheric PAH levels between North America and Europe: Data from two air monitoring projects
  • Evaluation and guidelines for using polyurethane foam (PUF) passive air samplers in double-dome chambers to assess semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in non-industrial indoor environments
  • Pleurozium schreberi as an ecological indicator of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in a heavily industrialized urban area
  • Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in composts and digestates from European countries as determined by the in vitro bioassay and chemical analysis
  • Source identification, spatio-temporal distribution and ecological risk of persistent organic pollutants in sediments from the upper Danube catchment

Petr Kukučka + Lisa Melymuk

  • Size specific distribution of the atmospheric particulate PCDD/Fs, dl-PCBs and PAHs on a seasonal scale: Implications for cancer risks from inhalation
  • Particle Size Distribution of Halogenated Flame Retardants and Implications for Atmospheric Deposition and Transport
  • Pesticides in the atmosphere: a comparison of gas-particle partitioning and particle size distribution of legacy and current-use pesticides
  • Sampling artifacts in active air sampling of semivolatile organic contaminants: comparing theoretical and measured artifacts and evaluating implications for monitoring networks

Lisa Melymuk

  • Dispersion modeling of selected PAHs in urban air: A new approach combining dispersion model with GIS and passive air sampling
  • Current Challenges in Air Sampling of Semivolatile Organic Contaminants: Sampling Artifacts and Their Influence on Data Comparability
  • Interlaboratory Study of Novel Halogenated Flame Retardants: INTERFLAB
  • Melting Himalayan glaciers contaminated by legacy atmospheric depositions are important sources of PCBs and high-molecular-weight PAHs for the Ganges floodplain during dry periods

Zdeněk Moravec

  • Control of micro/mesoporosity in non-hydrolytic hybrid silicophosphate xerogels
  • Nonaqueous synthesis of molecular zinc amide phosphate
  • Construction of Larger Molecular Aluminophosphate Cages from the Cyclic Four-Ring Building Unit
  • Synthesis of homogeneous silicophosphate xerogels by non-hydrolytic condensation reactions
  • Interaction of ferroceneboronic acid with diols at aqueous and non-aqueous conditions - signalling and binding abilities of an electrochemical probe for saccharides
  • Templated non-hydrolytic synthesis of mesoporous zirconium silicates and their catalytic properties
  • Syntheses and X-ray structures of heteroleptic octahedral Mn(II)-xanthato complexes involving N-donor ligands
  • Non-aqueous Template-Assisted Synthesis of Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Silicon Orthophosphate
  • Mesoporous titanosilicates by templated non-hydrolytic sol–gel reactions
  • Sonochemical precipitation of amorphous uranium phosphates from trialkyl phosphate solutions and their thermal conversion to UP2O7

Daniel Nývlt

Peter Stuart

Peter Šebej

  • Near-Infrared Fluorescent 9-Phenylethynylpyronin Analogues for Bioimaging
  • Small-Molecule Fluorophores with Large Stokes Shifts: 9‑Iminopyronin Analogues as Clickable Tags
  • Nature of CTAB/Water/Chloroform Reverse Micelles at Above- and Subzero Temperatures Studied by NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Zbyněk Štěrba

Karuppana Pandian Thirupathi

Terezie Urbanová

Jan Veselý

Fakulta informatiky

Jiří Filipovič

  • Acceleration of dRMSD Calculation and Efficient Usage of GPU Caches
  • OpenCL Kernel Fusion for GPU, Xeon Phi and CPU
  • Optimizing CUDA code by kernel fusion: application on BLAS
  • Accurate Fitting SAXS Curves with NMR Structure Ensembles

Marek Sýs

  • Constructing empirical tests of randomness
  • Faster Randomness Testing with the NIST Statistical Test Suite
  • Optimizing the NIST Statistical Test Suite and Berlekamp-Massey algorithm
  • On the interpretation of results from the NIST Statistical Test Suite
  • Randomness Testing: result interpretation and speed

Pedagogická fakulta

Victoria Shmidt

Fakulta sportovních studií

Martin Vaváček

Tomáš Vespalec

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta

Martin Guzi

  • An empirical analysis of welfare dependence in the Czech Republic
  • Estimating a Living Wage Globally
  • The welfare dependence in the Czech Republic
  • A Web Survey Analysis of Subjective Well-being
  • What Explains Immigrant-Native Gaps in European Labor Markets: The Role of Institutions
  • How Immigration Grease Is Affected by Economic, Institutional and Policy Contexts: Evidence from EU Labor Markets
  • Working-time during the economic crisis
  • The Demand for Tertiary Education in Slovakia: Interests and fields of Study


Veronika Bačíková

  • Structure and semi-sequence-specific RNA binding of Nrd1

Hélene Robert Boisivon

  • Local Auxin Sources Orient the Apical-Basal Axis in Arabidopsis Embryos
  • Modeling Framework for the Establishment of the Apical-Basal Embryonic Axis in Plants
  • Plant embryogenesis requires AUX/LAX-mediated auxin influx

Hélene Robert Boisivon + Lucie Crhák Khaitová

  • The importance of localized auxin production for morphogenesis of reproductive organs and embryos in Arabidopsis

Gábor Járvás

  • Design and Modeling of Microfluidic Cell Capture Devices
  • Numerical modeling of capillary electrophoresis - electrospray mass spectrometry interface design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Design of a Microfabricated Cell Capture Device
  • Simulation-based design of a microfabricated pneumatic electrospray nebulizer
  • Computer Assisted Development of a Pneumatic Electrospray Nebulizer
  • Ionization efficiency, ion suppression and detection sensitivity improvements in the analysis of biotherapeutic-relevant molecules by CESI-MS

Tomáš Klumpler

Barila Islam

  • A G-quadruplex-binding compound showing anti-tumour activity in an in vivo model for pancreatic cancer
  • Extended molecular dynamics of a C-kit promoter quadruplex

Peter Kolesár

  • The melanoma-associated antigen 1 (MAGEA1) protein stimulates the E3 ubiquitin-ligase activity of TRIM31 within a TRIM31-MAGEA1-NSE4 complex

Terezie Mandáková

  • When fathers are instant losers: homogenization of rDNA loci in recently formed Cardamine X schulzii trigenomic allopolyploid
  • Multiple hybridization events in Cardamine (Brassicaceae) during the last 150 years: revisiting a textbook example of neoallopolyploidy
  • Chromatin features of plant telomeric sequences at terminal vs. internal positions
  • Genome expansion of Arabis alpina linked with retrotransposition and reduced symmetric DNA methylation
  • Ecological segregation does not drive the intricate parapatric distribution of diploid and tetraploid cytotypes of the Arabidopsis arenosa group (Brassicaceae)
  • Catastrophic chromosomal restructuring during genome elimination in plants
  • Karyotype evolution in apomictic Boechera: the origin of the aberrant chromosomes  
  • The widespread crucifer species Cardamine flexuosa is an allotetraploid with a conserved subgenomic structure
  • "Malování" rostlinných chromozomů

Carolina Estarellas Martin

  • Molecular dynamic simulations of protein/RNA complexes: CRISPR/Csy4 endoribonuclease

Daniel Renčiuk

  • Diverse effects of naturally occurring base lesions on the structure and stability of the human telomere DNA qudruplex
  • Crystal structures of B-DNA dodecamer containing the epigenetic modifications 5-hydroxymethylcytosine or 5-methylcytosine

Jan Ryneš

  • Tuning DNA i-motif formation: lessons learned from the epigenetic regulation of plant telomeric DNA

Nithyananda Thorenoor

  • Small nucleolar RNAs functioning and potential roles in cancer
  • ZFAS1, long non-coding RNA with significance in colorectal cancer
  • Long non-coding RNA ZFAS1 interacts with CDK1 and is involved in p53-dependent cell cycle control and apoptosis in colorectal cancer

Martin Zouhar

  • Elasticity, Strength and Magnetism of FePd and FePt Nanocomposites