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Výstupy postdoků PI.

Lékařská fakulta

Veronika Altmannová

  • Sumoylation of the Rad1 nuclease promotes DNA repair and regulates its DNA association
  • Sumoylation Influences DNA Break Repair Partly by Increasing the Solubility of a Conserved End Resection Protein
  • Lif1 SUMOylation and its role in non-homologous end-joining
  • SUMOylation of Rad59 promotes rearrangement-free recombination
  • Sumoylation regulates EXO1 stability and processing of DNA damage
  • A Versatile Scaffold Contributes to Damage Survival via Sumoylation and Nuclease Interactions

Michal Strouhal

Georgios Valianatos

  • Fluoroquinolone antibiotic enoxacin in melanoma: Down-regulation of Mdm4, activation of p53 and inhibition of cancer cell proliferation
  • Small molecule drugs promoting neuron-like changes of cell morphology in human melanoma cells

Marcela Vlková

  • Successful renal transplantation in a patient with a Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP) gene mutation
  • Regulatory B cells in CVID patients fail to suppress multifunctional IFN-γ+TNF-α+CD4+ T cells differentiation

Lenka Zerzánková

  • Mutation frequency dynamics in HPRT locus in culture adapted Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells correspond to their differentiated counterparts

Filozofická fakulta

Lucie Česálková

  • A School of Opportunism. Short Filmmakers Caught in a Web of Commissions and Dealings
  • Lidé očekávají daleko větší tragédii". Poválečné osudy filmové metráže z vyhlazení Lidic
  • Filmmakers to Themselves. Czech Documentary Cinema After 2000
  • Film as Diplomat. The Politics of Postwar Screenings at Czechoslovak Foreign Embassies
  • Komiks jako výzva k filmovému pop-experimentu
  • Satira je satira, ale požárník je úctyhodný člověk
  • Jednej správně socialisticky! Český satirickovýchovný dokument 50. let

Marek Meško

Právnická fakulta

Marcela Fryštenská

Josef Montag

  • Should Paris Hilton Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because She's Rich? An Experimental Study

Lukáš Potěšil

Fakulta sociálních studií

Dominik Bartmanski

  • The vinyl: The analogue medium in the age of digital reproduction
  • How To Practice Visual and Material Culture Studies? A Cultural Sociological Perspective
  • Ein P/ostmodernes Totem. Wie man als kommunistische Ikone den Kommunismus überdauert
  • Vinyl: The Analogue Record in the Digital Age
  • Refashioning sociological imagination: Linguality, visuality and the iconic turn in cultural sociology
  • Modes of Seeing, or, Iconicity as New Sociological Category. Cultural Research and Criticism After the Iconic Turn in Social Sciences
  • Being and Knowledge. On Some Liabilities of Reed’s Interpretivism
  • A Temple of Social Hope? Tempelhof Airport and as an Icon

Fatih Bayraktar

  • Associations Between Independent Self-Construal, Gender-Role Orientation, and Cyber-bullying / Cyber-victimization: Findings from a University Student Sample in North Cyprus
  • Cyberbullying: The Discriminant Factors Among Cyberbullies, Cybervictims, and Cyberbully-Victims in a Czech Adolescent Sample
  • A step toward understanding cross-national and cross-cultural variances in cyberbullying

Filip Černoch

  • Strategický a tržně orientovaný přístup k energetické politice v koncepčních dokumentech České republiky a Evropské unie
  • Proměna státní energetické koncepce z hlediska teoretických přístupů
  • Atomausstieg: The withdrawal of Germany from nuclear energy and its impact on energy security and the diversification of energy supply
  • Russian Energy Interests in Ukrainian Gas Sector: Strategically Motivated Conduct?
  • Strategic and market-oriented approaches in the energy policy of the European Union
  • Hinkley point C: A new chance for nuclear power plant construction in central Europe?
  • Energiewende: současný stav, budoucí vývoj a důsledky pro ČR

Filip Černoch + Vladan Hodulák

  • Germany's new role in the EU: The future of the Berlin-Paris axis in terms of the Czech foreign-politics interests

Vladan Hodulák

  • Sociálně tržní ekonomika jako relevantní koncepce hospodářské politiky ve 21. století
  • Ekonomické argumenty v české zemědělské obchodní politice
  • Konkurenceschopnost národních ekonomik - kritická reflexe konceptu
  • Francouzsko-německé monetární vztahy - pnutí v základech eurozóny
  • Evoluční přístup a mezinárodní vztahy
  • Military Power and Trade Policy - Roots of Contemporary Geopolitical economy
  • Moc v mezinárodním měnovém systému - evoluční přístup
  • Evropa v mezinárodním měnovém systému

Bernadette Jaworsky

  • Immigrants, Aliens and Americans: Mapping out the boundaries of belonging in a new immigrant gateway
  • Religious Dimensions of Contexts of Reception: Comparing Two New England Cities
  • Obama Power
  • Mobilising for Immigrant Rights Online: Performing ‘American’ National Identity through Symbols of Civic-Economic Participation
  • Representing “Family Ties”: Issue Translation among Social Movement Organizations in the U.S. Immigrant Rights Movement

Pascaline Lorentz

Jan Šerek

  • Antecedents of political trust in adolescence: Cognitive abilities and perceptions of parents
  • Twenty Years After  the Velvet Revolution:  Shifts in Czech  Adolescents’  Perceptions of Family,  School, and Society
  • Ethnic majority and minority youths’ ascription of responsibility for solving current social issues: Links to civic participation
  • Online only: Which Czech young adults prefer online civic participation?
  • Civic organizations and the Internet as the opportunities for minority youth civic participation: findings from the Czech Republic
  • Changes in late adolescents’ voting intentions during the election campaign: Disentangling the effects of political communication with parents, peers and media
  • Predicting online and offline civic participation among young Czech Roma: The roles of resources, community perceptions, and social norms
  • Fresh and open? Changes in first-time voters’ political trust during an election year
  • What’s the matter with civil society? The declining effect of civic involvement on civic identity among Czech adolescents

Přírodovědecká fakulta

Iva Benešová

  • On initial ion velocities in MALDI: A novel FT-ICR MS approach
  • Thin-layer chromatography combined with diode laser thermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  • MALDI and ICP MS Detection of a Single CE Separation Record: A Tool for Metalloproteomics
  • Rapid Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Scanning Desorption Laser Beam
  • Diode laser thermal vaporization - novel sample introduction technique for ICP MS
  • Differential isotope labeling of glycopeptides: Analysis of site specific differences in the glycosylation profiles as demonstrated for IgG Fc-glycosylation
  • Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Substrate-Assisted Laser Desorption ICP MS

Pernilla Bohlin

  • Current Challenges in Air Sampling of Semivolatile Organic Contaminants: Sampling Artifacts and Their Influence on Data Comparability
  • Evaluation and guidelines for using polyurethane foam (PUF) passive air samplers in double-dome chambers to assess semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in non-industrial indoor environments
  • Outdoor passive air monitoring of semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs): a critical evaluation of performance and limitations of polyurethane foam (PUF) disks

Pernilla Carlsson

  • Temporal and spatial variability of enantiomeric fractions (EF) of chiral organochlorines in relation to soil properties

Pavel Dobeš

  • Bioluminescent assay for evaluating antimicrobial activity in insect haemolymph
  • Genome-wide transcriptional analysis of Drosophila larvae infected by entomopathogenic nematodes shows involvement of complement, recognition and extracellular matrix proteins
  • Comparative crystal structural details of native and recombinant hypothetical protein from Photorhabdus luminescens identified as L-Fucose binding lectin

Cina Foroutannejad

  • Asymmetric Bifurcated Halogen Bonds
  • Understanding the electronic factors responsible for ligand spin-orbit NMR shielding in transition-metal complexes
  • Design of Stereoelectronically Promoted Super Lewis Acids and Unprecedented Chemistry of Their Complexes
  • Origin of the Thermodynamic Stability of the Polymorph IV of Crystalline Barbituric Acid: Evidence from Solid-State NMR and Electron Density Analyses
  • Potential energy surface and binding energy in the presence of an external electric field: modulation of anion–pi interactions for graphene-based receptors
  • Toward a consistent interpretation of the QTAIM: Tortuous link between chemical bonds, interactions and bond/line paths
  • A theoretical survey on the D7d [84]fullerene, a fullerene with two heptagon rings
  • All–Metal Aromaticity: Revisiting the Ring Current Model among Transition Metal Clusters

Laura Gilberg

  • Acyclic cucurbit[n]uril-type molecular containers: influence of glycoluril oligomer length on their function as solubilizing agents
  • Cucurbiturils substituted on the methylene bridge
  • Synthesis and supramolecular properties of glycoluril tetramer

Manuel Cárdenas Guerrero

  • Innate prey preference overridden by familiarisation with detrimental prey in a specialised myrmecophagous predator
  • Is there ontogenetic shift in the capture traits of a prey-specialized ant-eating spider?
  • Selective olfactory attention of a specialised predator to intraspecific chemical signals of its prey
  • Short-term response of soil spiders to cover-crop removal in an organic olive orchard in a Mediterranean setting

Vladimír Halouzka

  • eL-Chem Viewer: A Freeware Package for the Analysis of Electroanalytical Data and Their Post - Acquisition Processing
  • Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes as Electroanalytical Tools
  • Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes Modified by Silver for Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Copper Coated Electrodes for Electrochemical Determination of Carbohydrates

Tomáš Homola

  • Nucleation and initial growth of atomic layer deposited titaniumoxide determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry and the effect of pretreatment by surface barrier discharge
  • Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge Pre-Treatment for Improving Coating Properties
  • Nano-modification of Si-wafer surfaces using low-cost ambient air diffuse plasma
  • Mechanical properties of atomic layer deposited Al2O3/ZnO nanolaminates
  • The diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge pre-treatment of non-woven fabrics and deposition of antibacterial poly(L-lactide) nanoparticles

Raavo Josepson

  • Atmospheric pressure RF discharge in neon and helium
  • Diffuse alpha-mode atmospheric pressure radio-frequency discharge in neon

Guadalupe Corcobado Márquez

  • The role of ultraviolet colour in Batesian mimicry: a case study using myrmecomorphic spiders
  • Revision of Australian ant-mimicking species of the genus Myrmarachne (Araneae, Salticidae) reveals a diversified complex of species, subspecies, and forms

Sergio Jarque Ortiz

  • Analysis of hepatic deiodinase 2 mRNA levels in natural fish lake populations exposed to different levels of putative thyroid disrupters
  • Acute, chronic and reproductive toxicity of complex cyanobacterial blooms in Daphnia magna and the role of microcystins
  • Deiodinases and thyroid metabolism disruption in teleost fish
  • Seasonal variations of gene expression biomarkers in Mytilus galloprovincialis cultured populations: temperature, oxidative stress and reproductive cycle as major modulators
  • Polymer-immobilized ready-to-use recombinant yeast assays for the detection of endocrine disruptive compounds
  • A semiautomated screening method for detecting compounds with goitrogenic activity using transgenic zebrafish embryos
  • Freeze-drying as suitable method to achieve ready-to-use yeast biosensors for endocrine disruptors

Vendula Pospíchalová

Jüri Raud

  • Mid-pressure Ar/N2/H2 RF plasma: electrical and spectral characteristics
  • Study of argon - oxygen flowing afterglow

Vimal Kumar Sharma

  • Functionalized Solid Electrodes for Electrochemical Biosensing of Purine Nucleobases and Their Analogues: A Review
  • Copper nanoparticle modified pencil graphite electrode for sensitive electrochemical detection of adenine
  • Biosensing of purine derivatives using a pencil graphite electrode modified by copper: a promising tool in biomedicine

Monika Stupavská

  • Modification of (111) and (100) silicon in atmospheric pressure plasma
  • A comparison of chemical and atmospheric plasma assisted copper plating on carbon fiber reinforced epoxy polymer surfaces
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polyamide-12 foils
  • Deposition of Zn-containing films using atmospheric pressure plasma jet
  • Polylactic acid surface activation by atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasma
  • Generation of Large-Area Highly-Nonequlibrium Plasma in Pure Hydrogen at Atmospheric Pressure
  • XPS depth profile of plasma-activated surface of beechwood (Fagus sylvatica) and its impact on polyvinylacetate tensile shear bond strength
  • Plasma cleaning and activation of silicon surface in Dielectric Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge
  • Rapid surface treatment of polyamide 12 by microwave plasma jet

Josef Večeřa

  • Apocynin and diphenyleneiodonium induces oxidative stress and modulates PI3K/Akt and MAPK/Erk activity in mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Simple non-invasive analysis of embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes beating in vitro

Erhan Yalcindag

  • Patterns of selection on Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte binding antigens after the colonisation of the New World
  • Genetic Characterization of Nodular Worm Infections in Orangutans
  • First confirmation of E. histolytica infecting orangutan using molecular techniques

Petr Zemánek

  • Limit point and limit circle classification for symplectic systems on time scales
  • Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for discrete symplectic systems with general linear dependence on spectral parameter
  • Time scale symplectic systems with analytic dependence on spectral parameter
  • On discrete symplectic systems: Associated maximal and minimal linear relations and nonhomogeneous problems
  • Limit circle invariance for two differential systems on time scales
  • Generalized Lagrange identity for discrete symplectic systems and applications in Weyl-Titchmarsh theory
  • Characterization of self-adjoint extensions for discrete symplectic systems
  • Rofe-Beketov formula for symplectic systems
  • Weyl disks and square summable solutions for discrete symplectic systems with jointly varying endpoints

Fakulta informatiky

Nikola Beneš

  • On Clock-Aware LTL Properties of Timed Automata

Milan Češka

  • Exploring Parameter Space of Stochastic Biochemical Systems Using Quantitative Model Checking
  • Model Checking of Biological Systems
  • Adaptive Aggregation of Markov Chains: Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Reaction Networks
  • Precise Parameter Synthesis for Stochastic Biochemical Systems
  • Parameter Synthesis by Parallel Coloured CTL Model Checking

Michal Kotrbčík

  • Equimatchable Graphs on Surfaces
  • Genus distributions of cubic series-parallel graphs

Martin Maška

  • Segmentation and Shape Tracking of Whole Fluorescent Cells Based on the Chan-Vese Model
  • Automatic Quantification of Filopodia-Based Cell Migration
  • A Benchmark for Comparison of Cell Tracking Algorithms
  • Objective Comparison of Particle Tracking Methods
  • On Proper Simulation of Phenomena Influencing Image Formation in Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Cell Tracking Accuracy Measurement Based on Comparison of Acyclic Oriented Graphs
  • Characterization of the Role of Collagen Network Structure and Composition in Cancer Cell Migration
  • Quantification of the 3D Collagen Network Geometry in Confocal Reflection Microscopy

Sebastian Ordyniak

  • The Complexity of Planning Revisited - A Parameterized Analysis
  • On Finding Optimal Polytrees
  • Don't Be Strict in Local Search!
  • Kernelization Using Structural Parameters on Sparse Graph Classes
  • Parameterized Algorithms for Parity Games
  • Parameterized Complexity Results for Exact Bayesian Network Structure Learning
  • The Complexity of Repairing, Adjusting, and Aggregating of Extensions in Abstract Argumentation
  • Backdoors to q-Horn
  • Upper and Lower Bounds for Weak Backdoor Set Detection
  • Parameterized Complexity and Kernel Bounds for Hard Planning Problems
  • Backdoors into Heterogeneous Classes of SAT and CSP
  • Backdoors to Planning
  • A Parameterized Study of Maximum Generalized Pattern Matching Problems
  • Finite Integer Index of Pathwidth and Treewidth

Shenggen Zheng

  • On the state complexity of semi-quantum finite automata
  • From Quantum Query Complexity to State Complexity
  • Power of the interactive proof systems with verifiers modeled by semi-quantum two-way finite automata
  • Potential of quantum finite automata with exact acceptance
  • Generalizations of the distributed Deutsch-Jozsa promise problem

Pedagogická fakulta

Tomáš Janko

Pavel Sochor

František Tůma

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta

Jiří Navrátil

Gabriela Vaceková

Jiří Navrátil + Gabriela Vaceková


Martina Dvořáčková

  • Telomere repeat binding proteins are functional components of Arabidopsis telomeres and interact with telomerase
  • Homology-dependent repair is involved in 45S rDNA loss in plant CAF-1 mutants
  • Chromatin dynamics of plant telomeres and ribosomal genes
  • Characterisation of an unusual telomere motif (TTTTTTAGGG)n in the plant Cestrum elegans  (Solanaceae), a species with a large genome

Zuzana Feketová

  • Human DIS3L2 exonuclease is involved in the processing of tRNA-derived small RNAs

Miriam Hernangómez Herrero

  • CD200R1 agonist attenuates glial activation and inflammatory reactions immediately after its intrathecal application in a rat model of peripheral neuropathic pain

Antonín Hlaváček

  • Electrophoretic Characterization and Purification of Silica-Coated Photon-Upconverting Nanoparticles and Their Bioconjugates

Crina Maria Ionescu

  • Rapid Calculation of Accurate Atomic Charges for Proteins via the Electronegativity Equalization Method
  • MotiveValidator: interactive web-based validation of ligand and residue structure in biomolecular complexes
  • ValidatorDB: database of up-to-date validation results for ligands and non-standard residues from the Protein Data Bank
  • PatternQuery: Web application for fast detection of biomacromolecular structural patterns in the entire Protein Data Bank
  • How Does the Methodology of 3D Structure Preparation Influence the Quality of pKa Prediction?

Amit Khairnar

  • Antagonism of Adenosine A1 or A2A Receptors Amplifies the Effects of MDMA on Glial Activation in the Mouse Brain: Relevance to Caffeine–MDMA Interactions
  • Diffusion kurtosis imaging detects microstructural alterations in brain of α-synuclein overexpressing transgenic mouse model of Parkinson’s disease: a pilot study
  • Alpha-synuclein accumulation induced changes in white and gray matter detected by diffusion kurtosis imaging in TNWT-61 mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

Gabriela Lochmanová

  • Cell differentiation along multiple pathways accompanied by changes in histone acetylation status
  • Post-translational modifications of histones in human sperm

Lenka Malinovská

  • New sensitive detection method for lectin hemagglutination using microscopy

Anton Manakhov

  • Optimization of Cyclopropylamine Plasma Polymerization toward Enhanced Layer Stability in Contact with Water

Klára Marečková

  • Identifying craniofacial features associated with prenatal exposure to androgens and testing their relationship with brain development
  • Stress Response Circuitry Deficits in Psychiatric Illness: fMRI Study of the Impact of Diagnosis, Depressed Mood, and Sex

Sushil Kumar Mishra

  • Enhanced conformational sampling of carbohydrates by Hamiltonian replica-exchange simulation
  • Evaluation of Selected Classical Force Fields for Alchemical Binding Free Energy Calculations of Protein-Carbohydrate complexes

Marek Mráz

  • MicroRNAs and B cell receptor signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Identification of novel sequence variations in microRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • miR-150 influences B-cell receptor signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by regulating expression of GAB1 and FOXP1

Veronika Navrkalová

  • Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: a High-Throughput Yet Tailored Approach Will Facilitate Implementation Within a Clinical Setting
  • Recurrent mutations refine prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Oxidative stress as a therapeutic perpective for ATM-deficient chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients

Tomasz Nodzynski

  • Retromer Subunits VPS35A and VPS29 Mediate Prevacuolar Compartment (PVC) Function in Arabidopsis
  • BEX1/ARF1A1C is required for BFA-sensitive recycling of PIN auxin transporters and auxin-mediated development in Arabidopsis
  • VAN4 Encodes a Putative TRS120 That is Required for Normal Cell Growth and Vein Development in Arabidopsis
  • Auxin-binding pocket of ABP1 is crucial for its gain-of-function cellular and developmental roles

Petr Synek

  • On the interplay of gas dynamics and the electromagnetic field in an atmospheric Ar/H2 microwave plasma torch
  • Sensing Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Grown in MW Plasma Torch: Electronic and Electrochemical Behavior, Gas Sensing, Field Emission, IR Absorption

Pavel Srb

  • X-ray vs. NMR structure of N-terminal domain of delta-subunit of RNA polymerase

Břetislav Šopík

  • Theory of conductivity of chiral particles
  • Stability of supercurrents and condensates in type I superconductors
  • Charge transport in two dimensions limited by strong short-range scatterers: Going beyond parabolic dispersion and Born approximation
  • Evidence for precursor superconducting pairing above Tc in underdoped cuprates from an analysis of the in-plane infrared response

Marta Zwiewka

  • Asymmetric gibberellin signaling regulates vacuolar trafficking of PIN auxin transporters during root gravitropism
  • Expression of TWISTED DWARF1 lacking its in-plane membrane anchor leads to increased cell elongation and hypermorphic growth

Marta Zwiewka + Tomasz Nodzynski

  • Osmotic stress modulates the balance between exocytosis and clathrin-mediated endocytosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Markéta Žďárská

  • Illuminating light, cytokinin, and ethylene signalling crosstalk in plant development